The Good Person Test Script

Good Person Test
Good Person Test

Question Four – Do Not Commit Adultery 

  1. What do you think these people are doing that violates one of the 10 commandments?

You may have to give them a scenario like….

‘If I was to tell you that both of these people are married, but not to each other, what commandment are they breaking?’ – Adultery. (You will probably have to help them understand this word as it’s rarely used today. Just call it cheating)

  1. Have you ever done that? –  (Wait for them to give you an answer)

‘Jesus said (in  Matt 5:27-28) “You have heard that it was said,  ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; but I say to you that everyone who looks at another person with lust for them has already committed adultery with that person in their heart.

  1. Have you ever done that in your lifetime? – Wait for them to give you an answer – YES – (if they say no, ask them if they have red blood flowing through their veins, or ask them if they are gay. That usually gets them to answer yes lol)

So what does that make you?  – (Wait for them to answer) – An Adulterer at heart. (help them with the word adulterer/Cheater)

  • NB: It can help if you agree with them that you have had the same problem. Once you get them to confess, go to the next page.
  • Once you get them to confess, go to the next page.


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