The Good Person Test Script

Good Person Test
Good Person Test

Question Two – Do Not Steal

Your second of four Commandments

  1. ‘What do pirates do to get rich that violates one of the 10 Commandments? (You may have to point out that they steal stuff – then ask…)
  2. Another Commandment says we should not steal. Regardless of the value, whether it’s a piece of fruit to robbing a bank, or something in between… Have you ever stolen anything in your lifetime?  Wait for them to answer  YES … (you may have to give them some ideas, especially older people won’t want to answer yes to being a thief. Like have you taken stationery home from work without permission, or have you read a book during working hours when you should have been doing what you were employed to do?)
  3. What do you call someone that has stolen something?  Wait for them to answer –  A thief
  4. So what does that make you? – Wait for them to answer – A Thief. If they struggle to confess that they are a Thief, ask them…
  5. ‘How many people do you have to murder to be called a murderer?’ –  Wait for them to answer – One. That’s right; so you only have to steal one thing to be called a thief.  Then ask them again…
  6. So if you have stolen something, what does that make you then?

If they still struggle to answer suggest…

  1. ‘If I stole your wallet or purse, what would you call me’ – A thief.
  2. That’s right, even if we have only stolen one thing we would still be called a thief. So what does that make you then?  Wait for them to answer – A thief.

Suggest that they ‘Listen to the voice of their conscience’

NB: It can help if you agree with them that you have had the same problem.  Once you get them to confess, go to the next page.

Try to make it fun. 

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  2. Thank you Ampersand. Did you understand the two things you need to do to get right with God? Have you done them?

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