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Introduction to the Reach NZ Network ‘What People Believe Survey’

Greetings, fellow ambassadors of Christ! Today, we embark on a mission that goes beyond the ordinary—a mission to understand the beliefs that shape the hearts and minds of those we encounter. Welcome to the Reach NZ Network’s ‘What People Believe Survey.’

The Purpose of our Survey:

As disciples of Christ, we are called to be in the world but not of it, engaging with our communities in a way that reflects the love and truth of Jesus. The ‘What People Believe Survey’ is designed to open doors to meaningful conversations about life, death, and the purpose of our existence on this earthly journey. By asking six thought-provoking questions, we aim to create opportunities to share the transformative message of the gospel.

How the Survey Works:

Whether you’re engaging in door-to-door conversations, participating in public events, or simply mingling in town, the survey is a versatile tool. You can access the survey in various formats—open the PDF document on page 3 and print it, or copy and paste this page into a Word Document or PDF, customising it to your preferences.

The Heart Behind the Questions:

Our survey comprises six questions that delve into the fundamental aspects of life and death. Each question is carefully crafted to elicit responses that offer insights into people’s perspectives on spirituality and existence. Remember, our aim is not to challenge but to engage, fostering an environment where the love of Christ can shine through.

Your Opening Statement:

If you’re door knocking, begin with a friendly “Knock, knock.” Introduce yourselves as normal Christians—neither Mormons nor Jehovah Witnesses—on a mission to understand what people believe about life and death. Assure them that the survey consists of six questions with multiple-choice answers and express your interest in discussing these matters further if they have the time.

Your Role:

Throughout the survey, be attentive listeners. Note their responses, and resist the urge to challenge or confront. The key is to engage and create a space where genuine conversations can unfold. Remember to wear a warm smile and approach each encounter with the friendly spirit of Christ.

Let the Survey Begin:

As you embark on this survey, may the Holy Spirit guide your interactions and open hearts to the transformative power of the gospel. Your role as a surveyor is not just to collect answers but to sow seeds of curiosity and create pathways for the light of Christ to shine.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Reach NZ Network’s mission to reach hearts and transform lives. Let the survey be a catalyst for impactful conversations and, ultimately, the proclamation of the good news.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you as you embark on this journey of surveying hearts and sharing His love.

Start The Survey

Your Opening Statement. 

  • Knock knock (If door knocking)
  • Hi, my name is (John and this is Jane) and (we’re not Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses or any strange but) we are just normal Christians. We are conducting a survey in your area to find out what people believe about life and death, and our purpose for existing on earth. 
  • There are only six questions with multi choice answers, and if you have time after, we would love to discuss things further.
  • We want to know what your thoughts are on what happens next?
What People Believe Survey
Team Member Instructions: Complete the form so we can follow up the survey. Enter your name and contact details at the top of the form. Then enter their details, if they consent. As you ask them the questions, tick the boxes for them. Once you have completed that part of the survey, submit the form, then finish the process.
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Team Members Name
This is four our team member to complete
Clients Name
Clients Address
1. Where did living things come from?
Select the box that’s closest to what you believe
2. What is the purpose of human life?
Select the box that’s closest to what you believe
3. What or who is God?
Select the box that’s closest to what you believe
4. What happens after death?
Select the box that’s closest to what you believe
5. Would you consider yourself to be good enough to go to heaven?
Enter your two answers here
7. Gender
Select your Gender
8. Age Group
Select your age group
9. Please contact me with the following
Tick as many boxes as needed
Please enter your ethnicity here for statistical purposes
Thank you for taking our survey. We will email you the results as they are updated.

Those are great answers, but unfortunately they would never get you into heaven. Would you like to know what the two right answers are?

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