‘What People Believe Survey’

Gospel Presentation

The Good Person Test

Remember, the key to good communication is to ask lots of questions to engage them. So listen to their answers, but you don’t need to challenge them on their answers. We have a Gospel presentation script you can personalize to help you communicate the most powerful message in the world.

Let the commandments do their job

Good Person Test

Now you are ready to start the Good Person Test to lead them to Jesus.

Remember the purpose of the survey is to create an opportunity to share the gospel with them. We suggest you use the Good Person Test to Share The Gospel. You can start by asking them the following questions…

  1. Would you consider yourself to be a good person? 
  2. What does it mean to be a good person?
  3. If there was a heaven, would you be good enough to go there?… (See the training script)

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