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Grace Tairawhiti Workshops

Discover Your Spiritual Potential at Grace Tairawhiti Workshop!

Are you ready to unlock the fullness of your spiritual gifts and step into a deeper understanding of God’s grace? Join Ken and Tracey Maurirere, esteemed ministers of the new covenant of grace, as they lead an enlightening workshop designed to empower you on your spiritual journey. Do you know what your spiritual Gifts are? If so, are you making full use of your gifts to benefit others? We invite you to come join us in a four hour full immersion workshop where you can discover the Gifts and calling of God upon your life. God has specifically given each one of us a unique gift whereby we can put on display the image and likeness of God on earth. […]

The Church On Mission
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The Great Commission

Certainly, let’s explore how the principles from the book of Acts align with Luke 10 and Mark 16:18-20, emphasising the idea that God confirms His word preached for all disciples, not just the Apostles: […]

Gospel Healing
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Gospel Healing Outreaches

Prepare for a vibrant and impactful experience as Reach NZ Evangelism Network takes the Gospel to the streets! Join us in the main CBD for a dynamic Street Outreach that promises to be an unforgettable encounter with the love and message of Christ. […]

Evangelism Explosion
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Evangelism Explosion

We help Jesus followers of all ages to share the good news of Jesus confidently and effectively and become trainers of others.

We are servants to the local church, partnering with you to equip your church in outreach to your community.

EENZ is committed to excellence of Gospel presentation in the certainty that it is “the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). […]

All Together
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All Together NZ

The Hope Project is seeking to bring an awareness of Christ back to the public square, in view of the recognised significance of this faith to our cultural values and freedoms. Our strategic suggestion is THREE annual media efforts. This type of united engagement is important because public perspectives affect the tone of EVERY conversation the Christian community engages in this nation. The value of engaging with these perspectives cannot be underestimated. […]

OTC Network
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OTC NETWORK with Marty Rochford

OTC Network is an evangelism Home Church planting method

The buried treasure of equipping existing churches with evangelism/discipleship tools, like One Thousand Church Network (OTC), is that we may wake the sleeping giant.

Every community has an endowment of thousands of believers who, if they have read the New Testament, probably want their church to look more like the book of Acts. People given tools to share the gospel and make disciples for the first time are thrilled to go and do it. The common practice of attracting people to a building for a large meeting, rather than seeking people far from God where they are, impedes the Western church (and many others around the world) from becoming a Church-Planting Movement (CPM). […]

Street Evangelism
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Welcome to the Reach NZ Evangelism Network Gallery! Here, we invite you to embark on a visual journey that captures the essence of our vibrant and passionate community dedicated to spreading the message of hope, […]

Reach NZ
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The Message of the Evangelist To The Church

n the intricate tapestry of Christian ministry, the evangelist emerges as a vital thread, weaving together the mission of equipping the saints to proclaim the most powerful message in the world—the Gospel of everlasting life. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, this divine message holds a transformative power, capable of converting even the darkest heart into a new creation in Christ. As we delve into the essence of the evangelist’s ministry, we find inspiration in Mark 16:20, where God confirms this Gospel with signs. […]

Reach NZ Flip-Charts
Evangelism Scripts

‘What People Believe Survey’

(You can copy this page and paste it into a Word Document or PDF and make any changes you need. (Then print it out)

This street survey has been developed for door to door knocking, public events or just up town.

The survey simply asks 5 questions that will hopefully lead you to an opportunity to share the gospel with those who are willing to do the survey.

You go through the questions as quickly as you can, taking note of their answers, which may help you understand where they are at with God.

The key to good communication is to ask lots of questions to engage them. So listen to their answers, but you don’t need to challenge them on their answers. […]