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The following videos will help you to understand and proclaim the gospel to the whomsoever. If you have any videos you’d like us to post here please contact us and send the link for consideration. […]

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If you would like the Bible in 11 business cards printed, please contact us and we will send you the templates to have them printed by Vista Print NZ, or your favorate printer. We can personalise them with your contact details. Or you can have one side with the Bible in 11, and your business card on the otherside. […]

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The Ministry of the Evangelist

What is the difference between the Ministry of the Evangelist, and the Ministry of Evangelism? The Ministry Of The Evangelist is not the same as the Ministry of Evangelism. The Ministry of the Evangelist is […]

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© Copyright 2021 to Acorns To Oak Trees Limited, Auckland New Zealand. Although this is copyright you are welcome to use it, to copy it, to store it in printed or digital format. You can […]

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Gospel Outreach NZ

Gospel Outreach NZ The ministry of Gospel Outreach NZ exists to equip and encourage God’s people to communicate the Gospel message. We have produced a wide range of outreach resources and offer training in how […]

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OAC School of Evangelism

Equip S.O.E.  Internships Evangelism Training Evangelism Programs W.T.T.B Apologetics School of Evangelism OAC runs a national School of Evangelism every two years.  This is a three-week course in February and covers a variety of topics […]


Five Fold Ministry

MINISTRY FUNCTION  Imagine a church where every single Christian is a perfect representative of Jesus and functions in beautiful unity to reveal Christ to the world around them.  That’s the purpose of fivefold ministry! If you’ve […]