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Faithful Witness
Faithful Witness


One of the responsibilities of every Christian is to share the love of God. We are given the task of being ambassadors for Christ. An ambassador for a country has a very important role-delivering messages from the home country that he or she represents- to the country he or she is residing in. Likewise, we have a very important role- bringing messages from Heaven (our home country) to people we meet on earth. How do we do this? Everyone will be a little different. It will depend on a few things: our giftings, our personality, who the person is that we arespeaking with is, and how the conversation develops. Plus it will depend on how the Spirit of God guides us. More than anything I advise that you ask Him to guide you and ask for wisdom on what to say – and what questions to ask. He will guide our conversations when we ask. After-all, He is very interested in reaching out to others. The role of ambassador for a country is a high and honourable one. The role of ambassador for God is the highest and most honourable role anyone on earth can have. He has given us the amazing privilege of working alongside Him to accomplish His healing and redemptive purposes on earth.

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