New Covenant Israel

New Covenant Israel

The story of Israel begins with the twelve sons of Jacob, also known as Israel, whose descendants formed the foundation of the nation. These twelve patriarchs, born to Jacob and his wives Leah and Rachel, along with their handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah, represent the twelve tribes of Israel. From this lineage emerged a people uniquely chosen by God to fulfil His purposes in the world. […]

Pentecost Dove

Authentic Pentecostal Church

The Birth of New Covenant Israel: Ratified in Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension

In understanding the birth of New Covenant Israel and the Pentecostal essence of the Church, we delve into the foundational truths revealed in Hebrews 8 and other Scriptures. This article aims to elucidate the significance of Christ’s resurrection and ascension in establishing the New Covenant and the role of the Holy Spirit in the birth and empowerment of the Church. […]

The Church On Mission
Outreach Training

The Great Commission

Certainly, let’s explore how the principles from the book of Acts align with Luke 10 and Mark 16:18-20, emphasising the idea that God confirms His word preached for all disciples, not just the Apostles: […]

Discerning Pentecost

Discerning Authentic Pentecostal Christianity

Pentecostal Christianity, rooted in the biblical accounts of Acts, Luke, and Mark, has been a powerful force within the Christian tradition. However, in the contemporary landscape, concerns have been raised about certain expressions within the Pentecostal movement that lean towards hyper or extreme practices. This article seeks to explore the essential differences between authentic Pentecostal Christianity, as depicted in the biblical narratives, and certain movements criticised for veering into distorted, experience-driven teachings. […]

Gisborne Outreach
NZ Outreaches

Gospel Healing Outreach – Gisborne

Gospel Healing Gisborne.
Get ready for an unforgettable experience as Reach NZ Evangelism Network brings the transformative power of the Gospel to the streets of Gisborne City! Join us in the main CBD for a dynamic Street Outreach Extravaganza filled with love, music, and the life-changing message of Christ. […]

Jubilee Resources

Jubilee Resources International

Jubilee Resources run informative and equipping training courses & seminars in several countries, and have invitations to minister in over 40 nations. Training materials have been supplied to Christians in many of those countries. […]

Gospel Posters

Outreach Poster Order Form

Transform your outreach efforts and spark meaningful conversations in your community with our specially designed outreach posters from Reach NZ Evangelism Network. These visually compelling aids are crafted to facilitate gospel discussions, making your evangelistic endeavours even more impactful.

Thoughtfully Designed: Our posters are intricately designed to capture attention and convey the transformative message of the Gospel effectively. […]

Gospel Healing
NZ Outreaches

Gospel Healing Outreaches

Prepare for a vibrant and impactful experience as Reach NZ Evangelism Network takes the Gospel to the streets! Join us in the main CBD for a dynamic Street Outreach that promises to be an unforgettable encounter with the love and message of Christ. […]

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Tony Speakman Photo Design

I’ve been walking around with a camera in my hand professionally now for over 30 years and I’ve seen some huge changes in that time. From digital, to drones, to video to interactive virtual tours this industry is constantly changing and growing in ways we never dreamed of when I first picked up a camera. […]