Way of the Master

Reach NZTV

23 March 2022 admin 1

The following videos will help you to understand and proclaim the gospel to the whomsoever. If you have any videos you’d like us to post […]

Faithful Witness

Lifestyle Evangelism

17 March 2022 admin 0

© Copyright 2021 to Acorns To Oak Trees Limited, Auckland New Zealand. Although this is copyright you are welcome to use it, to copy it, […]


Five Fold Ministry

12 March 2022 admin 2

MINISTRY FUNCTION  Imagine a church where every single Christian is a perfect representative of Jesus and functions in beautiful unity to reveal Christ to the […]


How To Become His Disciple

11 March 2022 admin 0

THE TWO CALLS Why doing discipleship courses won’t necessarily produce true disciples! We don’t become a disciple the moment we are saved. We become a […]