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Are you a Christian Church or organisation in New Zealand dedicated to serving your community and spreading the message of Christ’s love? If so, we extend a warm invitation to you to join our mission at Reach NZ Network. We are passionate about connecting believers and seekers with welcoming Christian communities, and we believe your church or para-church organisation has a unique role to play in this endeavour. We will create a page for you with a link to your website so people can connect with you direct.


Our Three Specialised Directories

Select the appropriate directory Registration Form below. There you will find a Registration Page to register your Evangelism Equippers organisation, Church or online Church.

  1. Church Directory:
    • Feature your physical church location on our Church Directory to make it easily discoverable by those seeking a local Christian community.
    • Connect with believers in your region and extend a warm invitation to newcomers.
  2. Online Church Directory:
    • In the digital age, online presence is crucial. Feature your Online Church to reach seekers in the virtual space.
    • Connect with believers who are looking for a spiritual home in the online world.
  3. Evangelism Equippers:
    • If your organisation specialises in equipping churches for evangelism, join our Equippers Directory.
    • Connect with churches and organisations seeking resources and training to enhance their evangelism efforts.
  4. Advertise With Us
    • Unlock a unique advertising opportunity that not only boosts your brand but actively contributes to the mission of Reach NZ Evangelism Network.
    • We invite you to be part of something greater – advertise with us, and your investment becomes a donation supporting our evangelism ministry.

Why Join Reach NZ Network Directories?

  1. Community Connection: Be a part of a network that values community, fellowship, and the sharing of the Gospel.
  2. Visibility and Outreach: Increase the visibility of your church or organisation, reaching believers and seekers who are actively seeking spiritual connections.
  3. Inclusivity: Whether you have a physical church, an online community, or specialise in equipping others, our directories are designed to be inclusive, embracing the diverse ways Christians serve their communities.

How to Join:

  1. Submit Your Details: Fill out our simple submission form with information about your church or organisation, including your mission, values, and services.
  2. Enhanced Listings: Consider enhancing your presence with a featured listing to ensure that your church or organisation stands out in our directory.

Start Making a Positive Impact Today!

Join Reach NZ Network Directories and become an integral part of our mission to connect believers and seekers with welcoming Christian communities. Your involvement will contribute to building a strong, connected Christian network across New Zealand.

To feature your church or organisation in our Recommended Directory, simply complete our online form and start making a positive impact in the lives of believers and seekers today.

Welcome to Reach NZ Network Directories – where Christian community and connection thrive, both physically and virtually!