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Why Join Reach NZ Network’s Church Directory?

  1. Visibility: Reach a broader audience and let seekers discover your church community.
  2. Community Engagement: Showcase your church’s commitment to serving and welcoming newcomers.
  3. Inclusivity: Be part of a network that celebrates diversity and unity in the body of Christ.

How to Feature Your Church:

  1. Complete the form below: Head to Reach NZ Network’s Church Directory register below.
  2. Submit Your Information: Fill out the easy-to-use submission form with your church details, mission, and welcoming message.
  3. Connect with Seekers: Reach out to individuals actively seeking Christian communities to be a part of.
  4. Visit our Church Directory: You can see our listings

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Let’s work together to connect seekers with the welcoming Christian communities across New Zealand. Feature your church in our Recommended Churches Directory, and be a beacon of hope and love for those searching for a spiritual home.

Complete the form below to submit your church information today!

Together, we can make a lasting impact on lives and communities.

Are you a Christian Church in New Zealand dedicated to serving your community and welcoming new members into your congregation? Reach NZ Network invites you to join our mission to connect seekers with welcoming Christian communities by featuring your church in our Recommended Churches Directory!

Promote Your bible believing Christian Church with Reach NZ Network!

Expand Your Reach: Gain visibility and reach a wider audience of potential members actively seeking a spiritual home. Our platform connects seekers with Christian Churches that align with their beliefs and values, where they can be Discipled biblically and grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Limited-Time Promotion:

Sign up with Reach NZ Network to promote your Christian Church in our directory, and for a limited time, enjoy special introductory rates! We will create apage that links to your website or Facebook page, so seekers can contactyou direct. If you dont’t have a website, we can build one for you at a very reasonable price. Talk to us today!

We would like you to add a link for our website on your website, This helps us both get a higher ranking on Google when someone searches. Its called External Linking Read more

First 10 Churches to Sign Up Receive a Free Featured Listing!

External Linking

We would like you to add a link to our website from your website.

This helps us both get a higher ranking on Google when someone searches. Its called External Linking Read more

Together, we can help seekers find their spiritual home, one church at a time. Join Reach NZ Network and make a difference in the lives of those seeking faith and community.

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