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What to do after a person is born spiritually

When a baby is born physically it is held, loved and nurtured by the mother and others. Typically the mother takes primary responsibility for caring for this new life. She feeds the baby in small amounts from her breast. She feeds the baby frequently. She cuddles it and in various ways tells this new person that she loves him/her.

There are parallels when a person is born spiritually. We should feed them spiritual milk in small doses. At this stage we do not need to talk about deep theological studies. Here are some things that we can share with them:

  • ✓ God loves you way more than you can comprehend. He values you.
  • ✓ You are part of a community. We all love you too. Therefore it is good to meet with others regularly.
  • ✓ In order to grow spiritually it is good to feed spiritually. Reading the Bible (God’s love letter to us) is one way to do this. Memorising scripture is another method.

There are several resources that guide us in raising new spiritual people. Cru has some resources New Zealand | Cru

The Navigators’ Backpack is a good resource from new spiritual birth to full discipleship;

How much is one person worth? Our feeling of self-worth is an exceptionally important part of being human. At worst, people with a poor self-esteem can commit suicide. When feeling great inside people can dream dreams, create goals and accomplish a great deal in life.

What do people base their value on? Their car? Their house? Their character? Their relationships? The value other people place on them? For celebrities, their fan club? Sometimes I ask people (in context with the conversation) “How much are you worth? Often an answer is based on money. So, I follow up with questions.

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