‘What People Believe Survey’

Your Next Step

  • When you have completed the survey and either given them a Gospel Tract, or shared the Gospel with them (Go to next page)….
  • Offer to pray for them. You will be surprised how many people will eagerly accept your invitation to lay hands on them and pray.
  • Then you can ask them the following non compulsory questions.  
  • This is for those who would like a free bible or some follow-up. 
  1. Sex: M / F
  2. Age: (Approx.) – Under 12 – 13-20 – 21-39 – 40+
  3. Ethnicity? ________________________________
  4. Would you like someone to call on you again? Y / N
  5. Would you like survey results? Y / N
  6. Would you like a free Bible study? Y / N
  7. Would you like a free Bible? Y / N

If Yes: Get their contact details

Survey Response Form
  • Asking them if they would like the survey results or a free Bible gives you another opportunity to follow them up.
  • When you have finished the survey, give the forms to the team member designated to enter the data. They will print out the results and organise someone to take them back to those who have requested them, or a bible. 

Download Survey PDF Print Out

Presenting the Gospel

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