Evangelism Vs The Ministry of the Evangelist

Street Evangelism
Street Evangelism

The ministry of the Evangelist is to the Body of Christ, to equip the saints to make sure every sinner we have contact with gets to hear the Gospel. Whether they are friends, family or strangers. God’s church needs to stop saying evangelism is not my ministry. If you have been born again, and have become His disciple, then you have the power of an endless life in you, and the ministry of Reconciliation.

If you are His disciple, then you have received THE ministry of Reconciliation. You are God’s ambassador of Christ, and He will cry out to every sinner through you. It’s time for us to wake up to what our purpose as a God’s Church is. It’s not God’s will for anyone to wind up in Hell. 

Jesus did NOT come to condemn anyone. He came to save as many as will turn to Him. It is His will that all may be saved. And He wants you and I to reach the lost at any cost.

What is Evangelism?

Evangelism is all about getting the Gospel to a sinner.

  • Whether that’s sneaking outside in the middle of the night with camouflage gear on and slipping a Gospel track into our neighbours letterbox, or…. 
  • Handing out tracks as we go about our day or….
  • Sharing with friends or neighbours, or…. 
  • Preaching on the streets, or…. 
  • Handing out tracks on the Streets, or…
  • Going door knocking, or…. 
  • Supporting missionaries or saints who are willing to evangelise full or part time. 

Unless you give sinners the Gospel, either spoken or written, then you haven’t evangelised. Doing good works like helping someone by mowing their lawns or providing a meal, are all good thing to do, but unless you get the gospel to them, then you haven’t evangelised.

We are followers of Jesus. He was the servant of all. Ask yourself this, how many times did He mow a lawn or do the dishes after having a meal with someone? His whole life and ministry was to proclaim the good news. That sinners can be saved, and saints can be sanctified to do the works that He prepared for us before the foundation of the world.  

I find it interesting that all twelve disciples had different ministries. But only one was called an evangelist (Philip). 

Yet 11 of the 12 Apostles were brutally martyred for preaching the Gospel outside of their churches. And John, the 12th disciple was thrown into prison for the rest of his life on the island of Patmos for doing the same. While there he wrote the book of Revelation.

The Key Function of the Church

Street Evangelist
Street Evangelist

The key function of the Church as a whole, is to reach the lost before they die in their sin and wind up in Hell. Everything thing else we can do on earth, we can also do in heaven. Like praise and worship etc. Everything we do should revolve around evangelism. Even the work of sanctification is to empower us to reach the lost and glorify God. 

What is the difference between Evangelism & the Ministry of the Evangelist?

It’s important for us to understand that going out and doing evangelism doesn’t make us evangelists. It makes us saints doing the work of ministry. It’s what all disciples are called to do, whether they are Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, Prophets or part of the congregation. It is every disciples responsibility to proclaim the Gospel. So don’t be afraid, we are not trying to make you an Evangelist, the purpose of the Evangelist is to equip believers to proclaim the gospel under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Are You A Follower or A Disciple?

But first we must individually answer Jesus’s call to all believers to become His disciple. He said to His followers, ‘unless you love the Lord your God so much, that in comparison to how much you love Him, it appears that you hate everything & everyone else, YOU CANNOT be My disciple (my paraphrase)’. 

The ministry of the evangelist is done within the Church. It’s part of the five fold ministry to equip the saints to do the work of ministry. In this case Evangelism. While the five fold ministers have different ministries, they should still be involved in evangelism with the rest of the saints. There is only one reason the Church needs to remain on earth for, and that’s to do all we can to save every sinner possible. Tis is the only thing we can’t do in Heaven.

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