Business Card Bible-in-11 Tracks

Another option is to develop a script similar to above, but use it in a conversation, and give them a personalised Buisiness Card to take with them to scan onto their mobile or laptop, to watch in private.

This card can be personalized with your contact details similar to these samples. You can have the first two samples on one card. Or you can have either one on the back of your own personal business card.

We can personalise your card with your contact details and email you the templates for the front and back.

If you have a buisness card we can personalize the first sample and you can have it printed on the back of your own business card. We recommend VistaPrint NZ to have them printed. You can have it printed in colour or Black and white.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you the personalized templates. You will need to provide us with your details you want on the card. Personalized Business Card – Front
Biblein11 Personalised - Back
Biblein11 Standard – Back
Personal Bus-Card with printed on reverse. Standard or Personalized.


This is a free service. However we would greatfully receive a donation fo any amount. Please contact us for details.

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